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Refractory coating Compact series

Refractory coating Compact series are used for the finishing of casting moulds up to 1600mm x 1300mm and cores with similar dimensions. A thin layer of water-soluble or alcohol-based coating is evenly applied to improve the surface quality of the moulds or cores.

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Refractory coating in the compact version driven by compressed air. Valves and drives are pneumatically controlled (optionally electrically). Complete system consisting of:

- Processing unit
- automatic viscosity control
- Pump with pulsation damper
- Flood basin with three-sided splash protection walls
- complete control and visualisation

The unit is ATEX compliant. Optionally, the use of a support, if necessary, swivelling, can be provided for mould boxes in order not to tie up lifting equipment unnecessarily. The unit can be moved as required with standard floor conveyors.

Project features

  • Project goals

    Development of a modern, modular, semi-automatic system for the application of water-soluble or alcohol-based coatings.

  • Equipment characteristics

    Refractory coating

Technical data

Base liquid

water / alcohol

Basin size (LxW)

up to 2000mm x 1600mm

Dimension moulds

up to 1600mm x 1300mm

Flow capacity

10...60 l/min

Non-stick capacity

200...300 litres

Image Work
3D model of refractory coating Compact series
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