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Crane mixer

Mobile crane mixer for various moulding material systems and dressing services (in the picture, cement sand process), which has all the necessary media on board for moulding material production in the mixed sand bunker or in other storage facilities.

The bunker volume is approx. 13 m³.

The preparation capacity is approx. 20 t/h.

Available for different moulding material systems and processing capacities.

The size of the integrated storage bunker depends on the load-bearing capacity of the overhead crane.


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The task of the crane mixer is to produce the finished sand-cement mixture by adding a liquid to the dry sand-cement mixture according to the technological requirements and to distribute the finished mixture via appropriate manipulation of the operator.

Project features

  • Project goals

    A new technically improved crane mixer with higher productivity which should be compatible with existing equipment.

  • Equipment characteristics

    The crane mixer is a mobile continuous mixing unit that is moved with an overhead crane and supplied with electric power directly at the place of use via a three-phase plug connection. The unit has all the necessary media on board to produce moulding sand.

Основные показатели


Cement sand

Processing capacity

approx. 20 t/h

Bunker volume

approx. 13 m³

Water tank volume

approx. 1400 litres

Additive tank volume

approx. 100 litres

Total mass

approx. 32 t

Outer dimensions (LxWxH)

approx. 4.0m x 3.0m x 4.8m

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Commissioning of the crane mixer
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