Accompanying services: technical calculations, documentation, 3D-Visualization

On request, we offer various accompanying engineering services – either as a part of the project or as an individual service.

Technical calculations

Using state-of-the-art tools and methods, we calculate your designs for strength and durability, evaluating options. After a detailed specification, we analyze whether machines or the respective machine units meet the stated requirements.

Smart Mechanik GmbH offers the following range of technical calculations services:

  • Geometry and FEM calculations
  • Motor driver power
  • Calculations for individual machines – conveyors, bucket elevators, vertical conveyor, etc.


We guarantee a complete, “without gaps”-documentation so that your project remains accessible and understandable after many years.

3D Visualizations

The 3D-virtual model created by our engineers already shows the machine parts completely and in any spatial representation. At the same time, any typical technical drawings can be derived from the three-dimensional model.

Data and manufacturing information derived from the 3D-CAD designs can be used for further production phases.